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Let the Partfinder India Find you the Best Spare Parts for Your Car

At Partfinder India, we aim to provide you quality spare parts at economical prices at your doorstep or car workshop without any hassle. Here is how it works. We manage a large network of parts sellers from all over India. Those car parts sellers are trusted and verified and have to go through a strict criterion to get registered with us. They have to keep extremely high customer satisfaction rating to continue doing business with us and the main principle of customer satisfaction is to provide genuine and authentic new or used replacement car parts.

India is a country containing 253 million operating vehicles and 26 million vehicles being produced each year, for car owners in India, repair work is a routine that they cannot escape and during the repairs you are bound to look for the spare parts that need replacement to help your vehicle perform at its best. Partfinder India is your one stop solution for all the parts related requirements as we manage the largest network of parts sellers in India who can provide any new, used or refurbished spare parts on demand and can bring it to your doorstep by just a few clicks on your laptop.

India The Emerging Economic Powerhouse

With a population of 1.36 billion souls, India is expected to become most populous country in the world by 2028. As an emerging economical powerhouse and nuclear armed state, India is shaping up to be a key regional player. Its economic prosperity has resulted to up lift the living standards of its population and automotive industry is playing a vital part in the country advancing through hurdles. This industry alone is providing direct and indirect employment to over 13 million people in India alone with a turnover of approximately 145 billion (USD) annually.

Forecasting a GDP growth of 7.7% while the current GDP standing at 9.6 trillion (PPP-2021 est), India is showing great potential to advance economically further than its closest competitors. India’s phenomenal literacy rate standing at 77.7% is responsible of producing financially strong middle class that is able to buy and maintain a personal vehicle. Increase in ownership of the vehicles means more economical activity which brings a large number of expats playing their part in economic revival and in turn are responsible for increase in personal vehicles too. There are currently 18 million expats living in India that use personnel vehicles.

Significance of Personnel Car in India

The efficiency of public transport determines the popularity of personnel transport in any country and in India although the public transport system is one of the largest in the world, its not the most efficient and is severely over crowded. In an emerging economy its no wonder that purchasing and maintaining a personnel vehicle is a privilege and families go to great lengths to keep the vehicle in top shape.

Buying a vehicle is considered a ritual and celebrations are in order as soon as it arrives home. Unlike developing countries, where cars are disposed off after a certain period, it is a norm to see half a century old vehicle still operative on the streets. So, there is a strong maintenance culture in India and cheap labour plays a vital part in this culture. Maintenance becomes significantly cheaper when you have cheap labour and a unique repair culture.

Auto Repairs Culture and Spare Parts Industry in India

Where Indian automotive industry contributes more than 7% of India’s GDP, its servicing and repair industry is also estimated to be worth around 340 million. There are 54 local and foreign automotive manufacturers playing their part in the automotive advancement.

There is a significant difference in repair culture of developed and developing countries. Unlike in the developed countries, where faulty part replacement is a norm, in a developing country such as India repair culture is more prevailing. It may mean more man hours but cheap labour means it can still save you significant amount of money. Even with such strong repair culture, we still cannot deny the importance of parts availability in maintaining the vehicle.

Second Hand Auto Parts Requirements and Choices

Car spare parts are always in demand as auto industry in India is reliant upon a constant supply to keep the vehicles on the road. When it comes to the car parts you have 3 usual choices. You can buy new genuine parts from the designated dealer. This ensures that you get genuine parts from the company but you have to bear this in mind that this is not a cheap option. Brand new genuine parts are expensive and cost more. Another choice is to buy second hand parts that is a sure way of saving money but buying second hand parts from the parts market is not without risk as you never know how well this part is and if it is good to work for a certain period and if you are being charged fairly for it. Without having strong know how of those minute details and technical know-how, you may end up paying too much and endangering your vehicle as well. Third choice is to go for refurbished car parts which in terms ensures that you get a part almost as good as new at a price that is almost as low as a used part but certainly less than the brand-new choice anyway. This means that by choosing this choice you can save money and have peace of mind performance wise as well.

Availability of Used Auto Parts

It’s a rule of nature that you always struggle to find your specific part exactly when you need it and visiting the parts market is not an easy task either. There are many variables that you have to keep in mind such as authenticity of the part, its working condition and its price. After negotiating all those things, you may be able to get a part that is right for your replacement.

There is a better way of choosing and purchasing your desired Auto part which is going online to purchase your part. Providing if you can find a trustable portal, you can find your desired part with ease and are guaranteed to receive a working part at reasonable price. The best thing is that you can complete the whole process from the comfort of your home and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Process of Buying Used Car Parts Online

We understand that doing business online is not everyone’s cup of tea and for this reason we have placed specific heed on the simplification of the whole process. Our IT experts have gone on to great lengths to ensure that they devise an easy-to-understand step by step process that would make buying process as easy as possible even for the novices.

You just have to fill up the necessary fields such as make, model and year the vehicle was manufactured and mention the part that you require. Our automated system picks up those details and find out which part seller have that specific part available with them. You receive non obligation quotes from the part sellers and can choose the part according to your requirements and budget. We deal in all sort of parts be it car parts, van parts, SUV parts, or 4x4 parts. We deal in auto accessories as well.

Why Choose Partfinder India

We pride ourselves for bringing a solution that was direly needed and required by the automotive community. We recognized those hindrances early and acted upon by setting up a portal that enable vehicle owners to purchase the required parts without breaking sweat and within few clicks. Our decades old experience helps us refine the process and maintain strong reputation. Our check and balance system helps us retain an immaculate clientele. Buying your parts online from a trusted portal gives you peace of mind as well.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our aim and motto is to provide our customers 100% satisfaction. We fulfil this promise by providing you guarantee with every part we sell depending on the condition of the part. This guarantee gives peace of mind to the customer and cement our integrity as a fair and true business. You are certain to acquire a genuine and working part when you buy it through our portal.

Save up to 60% with Us

Here is how it works, if you decide to buy a brand-new part from designated dealer, it would cost you serious amount of money but buying a refurbished part from us would mean that you can get the part as good as a new genuine part but can save significant amount of money. On top of that, you can save further when our seasonal sales come into force. We recommend you to at least once so you can see how we make such a difference.

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